If you qualify… which I’ll talk to you about in a minute…
I’ve got an amazing opportunity for you to free yourself from Facebook Ads Hell.
In short, what I’m giving you the opportunity to do is…
Get access to the exact systems and strategies and secrets we use inside Tier 11 every day to actively manage over $100 million dollars in annual ad spend.

And, quite frankly, do it at a positive ROAS for our customers!

Once you get this kind of insider access, advertising on Facebook gets easy… and the money gets ridiculous!
Obviously, the best thing would be for you to hand over the reins and have us generate massive ROAS for you… while you decompress from the stress that advertising on Facebook causes.
You know how it goes…
A campaign is chugging along nicely. You see potential there. You carefully start ramping up your spend.
You’re increasing ad spend--following the latest best practices--so you can let the algorithm learn.
And then… suddenly… 
  • The whole damn campaign tanks … you ask friends, experts, and gurus and try EVERYTHING they suggest, with no improvement…
  • And then you start freaking out because you’ve not only lost revenue…
Cortisol levels shoot through the roof, sleeping becomes a problem, tempers flare…
We’ve seen it all.
We know how it goes.
That’s why outsourcing to a partner agency like Tier 11 is actually the best thing you can do.

And this is where it gets painful…

But… if you’re not big enough for us to take you on as a customer…
It doesn’t make economic sense for both of us.
So, this leaves you in Facebook Ads Hell… between the proverbial rock and a hard place.
Over the years, we’ve fielded calls from multiple businesses that weren’t big enough for us to take them on as a client.
Unfortunately, at the time, we didn’t have a solution for them to turn to.
But now, if you qualify, you can access the vault of internal systems and secrets we
use inside Tier 11 every day to manage over…
It’s our breakthrough solution where we literally take you by the hand and guide you out of Facebook Ads Hell.
Let me be 100% clear here…
This isn’t dumping some hundred hour course on you…
Even though you'll get access to the exact same training systems we use with ALL our new Ads Managers.
What you’d be getting instead is a take-you-by-the-hand program, both recorded and live, using the exact same systems and strategies and solutions we use to manage over $100 MILLION dollars in annual ad spend…

And, quite frankly… get them MASSIVE ROAS!

Take-you-by-the-hand Program

Step by step 12-week program guided by our expert ad managers.

12 Modules With 70+ Lessons

The exact program we use to train all our bad ass ad managers inside Tier 11.

Live & Recorded Coaching Calls

Weekly group coaching calls with a member of our senior media buyer team.
Actually it’s quite simple. There are two reasons…
  • First, Tier 11 only grows when we have the right client-partners who know our methods, understand the value of our Ads Amplifier™ system…
If it’s a good fit, we’d like YOU to be our next agency customer.

Thing is, in order to become a Tier 11 customer, you have to meet the minimum monthly ad spend criteria.         
So, we want to train you in our systems to grow you… 

Then, you’ve got more options… you can keep running your ads in-house, or you can become a Tier 11 customer…
And leave the day-to-day Facebook and Instagram Ads “pains-in-the-ass” to us…
It’s what we do every day inside Tier 11.
Because you’ll be able to focus on your business growth… not the latest algorithm change the Facebook Ads Engineers create to grow their ad product.
  • The second reason is, we may never be a good fit to work together, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to succeed and live “the good life”
Your business may not be able to scale to a size that will ever be a good fit to be our customer. 
There are thousands of tiny niche businesses that won’t ever scale.
Because either their niche market is too small…
Or, their product or solution isn’t priced appropriately to scale.
And you know what… that’s perfectly OK.
There’s nothing wrong with creating a niche business that becomes your personal cash cow.
That generates hundreds of thousands of dollars 
in revenue for you… year in and year out…
That generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for you… year in and year out…
A business that allows you to put in a few hours, every day, and spend more time with family and friends and travel.
But, in order to have that kind of cash-cow… you’re going to need to know how to run your Facebook and Instagram ads like a pro.
So, while you may never become a Full Service Agency™ customer… you’ll be able to live “the good life”
And rest assured, when we get done training you in our internal Facebook Ads scaling systems…
Plus, quite frankly, it’s good Karma to do this… it’s the same reason why we do the Perpetual Traffic Podcast every week.

Which to date, has over FIVE MILLION DOWNLOADS… and counting!
It’s a great lead generator for the agency…
And, we don’t hold anything back. I give you all the good stuff I know.
And, when I do speaking gigs… like Traffic and Conversion… people come up to me and thank me for the podcast because they’ve been able to jump-start Facebook and Instagram ads and get them going to start growing their business.

I actually love getting these expressions of gratitude.
I’m thankful I can help you!
What I want to do now is…

...and why this is important to your success in scaling Facebook Ads.


Our first level of professional inside Tier 11 is called an Ads Manager.

Periodically, you may hear me on the Perpetual Traffic podcast announce that we’re hiring new Ads Managers…
That’s where many of our hires come from.
An Ads Manager works under the watchful eye of a Media Buyer.
They’re like apprentices...
They learn our internal systems… 
And build campaigns under the ever watchful eye of our Senior Media Buying Team. 
And, like a soldier on post, they carefully watch every ad set they’re assigned to make sure nothing out of the ordinary happens… 
and when it hits the fan… they sound the alarm!
All this is done without autonomy because…
Our customer’s money is on the line and we take that responsibility seriously!
When Ads Managers are hired at Tier 11…
No matter what their level of experience
They ALL go through the exact same training you’re about to be able to access. 
Then, after a few months of intensive training, they’re given assignments by the Senior Media Buying Team who checks on the tasks… but doesn’t hand-hold any longer.
Soon, they’re then given certain target markets to create Ads, and Ad Sets for…
And depending on how they perform those initial tasks, they’re given entire campaigns to carry out. This could take a few months or in some cases, years...
And that’s when it’s time for a promotion…

The next stage in our hierarchy is Media Buyer

All of our Media Buyers have gone through the Ads Manager Training…
At this stage, they’re given accounts.
With KPI responsibilities
They have goals to reach, numbers to hit and they interface with our clients directly
Let me be quite FRANK here…
And any media buyer inside Tier 11 is well able to teach and train anyone who wants to scale their Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns…
But it doesn’t stop there…
After Media Buyers show a continual track record
They hit their numbers
Clients love them
They’re a joy to work with
And, they complete our rigorous Senior Media Buyer career development program 

They become Senior Media Buyers!

They still manage their own accounts…
But they also help oversee other, fresher Media Buyers
Our Media Buyers are stationed all over the world
From Portugal, all across the U.S. all the way to Australia

Here’s why all this is important to you...

Right now, the programs available to help you scale your Facebook Ads campaigns are limited.
You can go the free route and get wanna-bes and used-to-be's to teach their “secrets” on YouTube...

And, quite frankly, you may get a bit of success there. 

However, from what we see and hear from multiple people is… 
  • What you get from these sources keeps you frustrated because the so-called strategies don't work at scale. 
The strategies I’m talking about are from Used-To-Bees… 
who can’t make a drop of honey.
The strategies I’m talking about are from Used-To-Bees… who can’t make a drop of honey.
Guys and Gals who used to be in the trenches, but haven’t worked inside Ads Manager for years
They reveal their secrets for a thousand bucks… 
And give you re-hashed strategies that worked in 2015… but don’t stand a chance working today. 
And these strategies can get your account banned or your ads never get approved.
Or, the single-person “guru” who does manage accounts but nothing much past $15K a month in ad spend per client.

These are the frauds who create coaching programs… 
And, you quickly see that they only create the most basic ads strategy with underperforming creatives
Something that may work for the local restaurant, but nothing that will get your ad spend up to the levels you want.

Frankly, there aren’t Facebook and Instagram Ads-Scaling-Programs out there that actually work. 

That’s why we created the…

It’s a complete program… 
not some junk course that sits on your hard-drive…

Instead, it’s the exact systems and strategies and even some of our secrets we use insider Tier 11 every single day to manage over $100 MILLION DOLLARS in Ad Spend! 

Let me pull back the curtain and give you an idea of what you get in Tier 11’s Ads Accelerator™.

First, you get access to the exact same training we reveal to all our Ads Managers when they come aboard.

But this isn’t just some automated course, where you’ve got an entire new burden of watching videos and figuring out how to apply it yourself…
Instead, it’s an extensive resource library you can access when you need it. 

It’s the foundational strategies we use inside Tier 11.
Next, you get weekly coaching calls- featuring lessons in all of Tier 11’s methods in management, creation, and tracking, valuable hot seats, and question and answer sessions!
And here’s the kicker…
Your weekly coaching calls aren’t with a junior Ads Manager who’s just learning our systems… 
The Tier 11 Senior Media Buyers are entrusted with hitting their KPIs every single week. That’s what makes this program so valuable… 
Because you can TRUST the knowledge and opinions of the Senior Media Buyer you get to work with.

The reason? 

If they’re a Senior Media Buyer at Tier 11, know of a surety, they’re KICKING MAJOR ASS!
Otherwise, they COULDN’T be in that position because our business model is about getting results, fast, for our customers. 
So TRUST AND BELIEVE, the Senior Media Buyer you get to work with, I have 100% confidence in their ability to help you massively scale your own Facebook campaigns.
But that’s not all.
You also get access to our private Facebook group where you can get quick questions answered from our media buyers, and other Tier 11 staff that hangs out there periodically.

Marketers & Business Owners

Skilled Media Buyers

Tier 11's Ad Managers

Tier 11's Creative Team

This is an extremely valuable Facebook group. Those with access are either your peers who are in the training with you, or skilled media buyers, ads managers or members of our creative team.
This isn’t some “wanna-be” Facebook group with an overlord who claims to be a Facebook guru.
Plus, this group allows you to get “quick-action” questions answered from credible sources.
And, even better…
You get news directly from the source.

This gives us special access and invites to “insider events” that Facebook throws. 

It also means that, periodically, Facebook invites OUR TEAM, to come and speak to them about problems and issues WE SEE with the ad platform. 

And, to be honest… THEY LISTEN. 

What this also means for you is…  
We don’t have low-level ad reps answering ad platform questions
The truth is, we have a Bat-Phone… it’s a secret backdoor workgroup where highly placed account reps answer OUR questions…                     
And they answer them fast…
Only qualified agencies spending millions per month 
in ad-spend get this kind of access
You, by yourself, wouldn’t be able to get it.
All this means is we get answers from the engineers who are actually working on the ad product
And, we feed YOU this information inside our Facebook group and on our weekly Q & A calls!
And, if there’s ever a question you ask about your campaigns or account or the future of the Ad Product itself…
If in the rare case we can’t answer it, we’ll pick up our Bat-Phone and give Facebook a holler and get your question answered!
I’m not done… there’s more!
My VP of Operations is fighting me on this…
But he understands the value...
And I definitely understand his position...
And appreciate him for making this a sticking point…
But, to help you even more…
You get periodic “special guest” access to the Tier 11 staff!
You get special guests that come in and do presentations, hot seats and Q & A sessions…

I’m talking about other Tier 11 Media Buyers who are also handling millions in ad spend for some of the biggest ecommerce and personality brands in our industry…
Members of our creative team who generate the profitable ads that enable us to be able to spend millions in ads every month at a profit!
Plus, members from our analytics team...
And even members of our senior team..
Like our VP of Ops… 
Plus, even I make rare cameo appearances every now and then.
Yes, I’m running a multi-million dollar Facebook and Instagram ad agency…
I want to ensure your success!
Here’s the thing…
The reason my VP of Ops kicks back at the idea of the Tier 11 staff making periodic appearances is…
The opportunity for you to access this amazing crew isn’t baked into the pricing of this training and coaching program—The Ads Accelerator™ Program
So, in short, they’re not being paid to be there with you.
Guess who foots the bill for that?
Little ‘Ole me!
Or, the amazing staff squeezes a few minutes out of their days and heavy work loads… 
And when they come, they’re doing it out of the attitude and spirit to help you succeed.
And heck, hopefully one day, you’ll be able to have them be your media buyer, working on your account and then you’ll see even more, just how Kick-Ass they are!
  • First, scaling ad campaigns without the right help and guidance is darn near impossible.
But now, you can access the exact same training systems, strategies and secrets we use every single day inside Tier 11. 
We’re pulling the curtain back and revealing exactly how we massively scale Tier 11’s customer’s campaigns.
  • But it doesn’t stop there. Even though, quite frankly it could. You also get hands on help and questions answered…
By an over-qualified Senior Media Buyer…
Someone who handles millions in ad spend every month
  • And, you get weekly group coaching calls with “what’s working now” sessions, hot seats, ad account screen-shares and question and answer periods.
  • And, you get access to our private Facebook group whose members are either your peers in training or Tier 11 media buyers… or staff…
  • Plus, that gives you access to our Bat-Phone that can be used in the RARE CASE that we don’t have an answer to your question…
  • And, you get periodic guest appearances from other BAD-ASS Tier 11 staff… from analytics, to operations … and from creatives to operations… and even a rare cameo appearance from me.
As it’s not considered in the pricing model for this program.

Just think about it…
What you get is the exact same training systems we use inside Tier 11 to train our staff to make them world-class Facebook Media Buyers…
This is the single, fastest way to discover the secrets and strategies we use to scale our customer’s ad accounts.
And now, you can access it WITHOUT signing 
a Tier 11 employee contract
You’ll be able to use our exact same systems, along with the people who actually do the training and run the teams and generate the creatives that enable us to profitably scale…
And, you’ll be able to LEVERAGE IT IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS!
And, you’ll be able to do it FASTER than figuring it out on your own, through trial and error.
My question for you is… how much is shortening your learning curve and jumping to the front of the line worth to you?

Think about your key metrics. 

Where are they right now? 

Where do you want them to be?
What is eliminating DOUBT and FRUSTRATION by learning proven systems and strategies leveraged every day inside Tier 11 worth to you?
What about getting SHORTCUTS and INSIGHTS and COACHING from someone you can TRUST, because they’re growing campaigns every single day inside Tier 11 worth to you? …
And most importantly…
It doesn’t matter if you’re the business owner or an employee who’s been assigned to run the Facebook ads for your employer…
No matter who you are…
Discovering the secrets we use inside Tier 11—an exclusive member of the Facebook Partner Manager Program and a Facebook Marketing Partner…
An agency that runs ads for some of the biggest ecommerce and internet marketing brands…
An agency that manages over…
An agency that’s full of BAD-ASS partners who deliver results day in and day out…
Getting these secrets, strategies and tactics and our methods of ad amplification could be worth MILLIONS in gross revenue to you!
The Big question now is…
How much will all this cost you?

How much will it cost you to massively scale your Facebook and Instagram campaigns fast and effectively… hitting your KPIs along the way?

Here’s the thing…
When I brought my copy-chief in to work on this project, he was shocked.
He didn’t believe this product should be sold at such a low price.
He thought, at a minimum, it should be at least double.
Then, he went on to compare how much other programs that “claim” to help you run Facebook ads cost…
And then he said those other programs don’t even work.
Then he started comparing the access to these highly paid Media Buyers, analysts and the creative team… and on and on…
Frankly, he thought I should raise the price right then and there.
You see…
Scan the market.
Look for yourself.
You won’t find anything comparable… as there isn’t another agency like Tier 11…
As a part of the Facebook Partner Manager Program… as well as a certified Facebook Marketing Agency… an agency that ONLY runs Facebook and Instagram ads… we’re talking about over $100 MILLION DOLLARS OF AD SPEND UNDER ANNUAL ACTIVE MANAGEMENT!
And does it at a massive profit for our clients.
That’s why he objected to the low price.
Because he knows how hard the media buyers work in Tier 11… and how “WORLD-CLASS” they are (those are his words)
So again, how much is this worth to you?
Let me tell you something…
I am a part of a few high-level masterminds.
And, some of the Tier 11 staff are also…
And we all happily pay a healthy 5 figures per year just to come to meetings and hear presentations and talk.
That’s it.
Don’t get me wrong, they’re great meetings.
But NONE of them do what you’re about to get access to in The Ads Accelerator™ Program.

You get 12-Weeks-Worth of take-you-by-the-hand, Senior Media Buyer, insights and strategies into your Facebook Ad Account…

Not some cookie-cutter approach...as there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategy.

We’re talking about 12 or so sessions!
12-Week’s Worth of Facebook Group Access… this is where you can ask a quick question between weekly group coaching sessions and have it answered. 

And, this is where we also post any updates Facebook is planning or has instituted.
We keep our fingers on the pulse, and get insider, early-bird access to upcoming changes on the platform because of our Facebook Partner Manager Program… as well as a certified Facebook Marketing Agency status.
You also get a 12-Week’s Worth of Insider, staff-access … which gives you insight into how we create ads and copy and other learnings that have occurred that we use in secret to scale our customers campaigns.
This is what we call in the business… A NO-BRAINER, IRRESISTIBLE OFFER!
It’s just too damn good to pass up!
And here’s the best part…
While I could easily price this at $12,000... And it would be well worth it…
It’s not that much.
Better yet, it’s not even HALF THAT COST.

REMEMBER: Members of the Tier 11 team and I happily pay MORE THAN $63,000 DOLLARS PER YEAR to be in various coaching groups…

And they don’t give anywhere near this kind of hands-on nurturing to success…
As I agree with my copy-chief’s analysis that the price should be at least double what it is…

You know what? 

I’m getting kick-back here from Tier 11 staff.

There’s literally a note in the Google Doc about this script we created to offer you the Ads Accelerator™ Program. 

It says the price should be...

You know what? 

That’s actually a really good price. 

And, I agree it should be sold at that price. 

But, right now, before the Slack Channel gets bombarded with “I thought you were going to sell it at 98-hundred-dollars…” start coming in... 
For Just...
See what I mean when I say it’s a ‘NO-BRAINER, IRRESISTIBLE OFFER”?
I can’t guarantee the price won’t go up soon.
It’s going to be a classic case of supply and demand…

And my staff at Tier 11 hounding me about under-pricing the Ads Accelerator™ Program. 
This is a new program for us, so while supplies last, you better jump at the chance to get this training, massively scale your Facebook and Instagram Ads and skyrocket your sales!
While I can’t guarantee the price won’t go up…
I can guarantee you this…

Give us just 12 weeks. 

Go through the Ads Accelerator™ Program with us. 

Implement everything… scale your campaigns… 

And then, after the 12-week-period, and after all the success you’ll achieve…

If you find that we didn’t keep our end of the bargain, and didn’t deliver the absolute BEST Facebook and Instagram Ads program available…

Then just ask for a refund. 

Quite frankly, if you don’t get the results you want… then we don’t deserve your money. 

Just ask for it back… 

And, you’ll get it. 

We’re taking all the risk here. 

But, honestly, it’s no risk at all for us. 

The simple reason is… 

The Tier 11 Ads Accelerator™ Program is the best program on the market!

The reason we’re so confident in this claim is…

Oh, by the way… you’re not the first to go through this process…
Yup! That was our LEAST SUCCESSFUL student…


Select Media 
"They help me grow my agency by helping me understand the value I create for my clients. How to take clients through the customer value journey and ask the right questions has helped me even create new products for my clients."

Steven Page

"The advice Ralph has provided specifically has changed my mindset when it comes to Facebook Ads. I recommend Ralph Burns and Tier 11 because they are real marketers with long-standing well thought out marketing plans that will last a long time and not just be a short-term fix."

Justin Peik

"If you're in paid media and you want more traffic then this is the program you want to be in. Ralph and Tier 11 helped us learn how to use Facebook ads and avoid mistakes. The knowledge he shares... using Ads Manager and the reporting software really saved us a lot of time."

Camiel de Roos

Social Rose Media
"The knowledge I've gained have allowed me get my clients better results and the best service possible. If you're looking for an external agency to scale your campaigns - Ralph and his team are the 'go to' people to speak to. Ralph is amazing - I will definitely keep learning!"

Dr. F. Scott Feil

Epic Therapy and Wellness
"Ralph's stuff has really opened my eyes to how to use Facebook in a small, local community. I strongly recommend Ralph and his crew with anything Facebook related because they make it so simple. Their stuff on retargeting has been great - I love what you guys are doing!"

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John McPhedran

"Tier 11 has helped me because they are right on the pulse of the industry. Without knowing about these changes in realtime it would be hard to stay relevant. What's helped the most is the preparation needed in advance of running ads so that it's a complete experience for the end user."


MedZone (e-commerce)
"The thing that's help me the most is the e-comm marketing guide. We've grown and scaled more than ever before. I recommend working with Tier 11 - they are awesome!"

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Pixel Web Profits
"It's helped me structure a A player team and scale companies faster using the tools they teach you in the program. I highly recommend Ralph and his team!"

Phil Masi

Restoration Marketing
"I'm a tactical business owner - learning from them helps me get out of the weeds and focus on my business. There's a ton of tactical knowledge that they share as well as high level outside the box thinking that I really need."

Robin Finger

Discover Earth
"We spend over $400k per year - this program helps me stay up to date. There are so many new features. I've been on many other platforms and they all suck in comparison. One of the only agencies with a return on Ad Spend - I totally recommend to work with them."

CJ Forse

Feel Good Lab
"This program is incredible - it's really changed the way we manage FB ads. Everything we do has been impacted by this program. I look forward to them every week - please don't stop - keep it up!"

Evan Van Dyke

Atrium Media Group
"It's really helped me out with outbound calling - we've been able to shift all our lead gen. to inbound primarily through FB ads. We have a more predictable funnel and have increased our lead gen. There's a lot of practical and consistent information inside the program."


Icecube Marketing
"The only program that focuses on digital ad optimization. I really appreciate all the advice they have given because it comes from experience. It's very useful because it's tried and proven. "

Raffaele G.

Courtesy Cleaners
"Tier 11 has opened up a whole new world of language. Ralph has done a fantastic job of making the material digestible and they've helped me create something relevant and useful to my clients."

Melissa Schreur

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"Tier 11 has been so essential for me. I appreciate the advice Ralph has, he makes sure his guests bring detailed information that helps business owners to craft a strategy that's going to be effective. I follow all the advice - you can tell that Tier 11 is working hard for their customers."

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Angelo Dodaro

"There's a lot of 'gurus' out there giving advice, but the ballgame is different from the higher spend folks than the lower end. Ralph's advice works across all spectrums. It's been cool learning from Ralph and seeing the effects of their campaign advice strategies. There's not a better program out there than Tier 11's!"

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"I"m always amazed at the depth of the teaching and the willingness to share the strategies that they offer on the program - it's a great thing! I've used what I've learned to grow my business and clients as well. The Ad Grid, avatar , e-commerce Ad Amplifier in particular is worth all the time."

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"I use all the lessons I've learned on the program exclusively in our social media campaigns. The Ad Amplifier blew my mind! The team is transparent, they are insightful, practical, really is a game changer and the best program in the world. Thank you Ralph and thank you Tier 11!!!!"

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"I've been doing my own advertising and social media. Tier 11 helps keep me up to date and gives me the ideas I need to advertise my own business. I will continue to learn from Tier 11 and gain as much as I can that I can use in my own real estate ad business."

Dipeeka Betala S.

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"Tier 11 teaches you what no other person will. I love the updates, changes... I only learn about these through Tier 11. Our company has grown because of what we've been able to implement from Tier 11. Ralph and team help digital marketers so much - there is no end to the help they provide!"


BabyQ Masters
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"Tier 11 helped me tremendously by allowing me to scale my ads and providing structure. It's been invaluable because it's made me $100's of thousands of dollars. If you want to learn everything about FB ads I highly recommend them."


Info-product Expert
"Just 15 months ago I knew NOTHING about FB ads. Today I am managing ads for a major grocery store here in London - all due to Tier 11! A big thank you to Ralph for distilling the complex world of FB ads into easy to understand bite sized chucks, the tools tips and strategies are invaluable."

Melita Cyril

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"Tier 11 has really changed the way we think about FB advertising. It's really helped me frame our strategy. Following the Ad Grid framework especially. Thank you for such great content, ideas and advice on how to do FB ads properly!"

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Torch products
"We follow the program for quite a while now and have found to be really useful and insightful and actionable. We just started really putting a lot of the methodologies into practice and have already seen results, so I'm really, really happy."
This is new for us at Tier 11
I can’t guarantee that the price won’t go up…
Nor can I guarantee that the ability to access this program will be available to you in a short period of time.
Here’s why…
We may not allow evergreen access.
We may keep the doors closed and only open them to a limited number of students per semester.
That means, it’s a matter of first come, first served.
Get in while the getting’s good.
While you will access recorded modules of training…
What is truly scarce is time.
And since the The Ads Accelerator™ Program is full of deliverables that are truly scarce… specifically, the Senior Media Buyer’s Time… and all the other team members who come and share their knowledge with you…
This is truly a limited time offer.
© 2020 Copyright Tier 11