Forget about all the pain it takes to come up with winning, scalable ideas to drive massive amounts of cold traffic to your offers… because I’ve already done most of the work for you.

Tier 11's Message Pivot Swipe File--Yours Today For FREE When You Get The $100 Million Swipe File™

  • Inside you’ll discover how Tier 11 has helped guide their Ads Accelerator Coaching Clientele to pivot their marketing messages to stay relevant to the time we’re in!

No matter what niche you’re in...

No matter what kinds of products or services you sell...

Knowing what to say and when to say it gives you confidence. And having confidence in your ads, whether you’re running $100 per day or $1,000 … it doesn’t matter. 

These Ad templates you’re about to access will get your creative juices flowing so you can create your own ads, in less than an hour.

I know. We do it every day inside Tier 11. 

And, we do it to the tune of managing over…

And over the last two years alone, Tier 11’s ads have generated over $500 Million Dollars in sales for our Full Service Agency customers.
Here’s a simple marketing truth: 
Problem is, until now, creating ads that convert at scale has been like throwing darts in the dark.

Doesn’t matter if you sell...
Physical Products
The ad frameworks we’ve created have slaughtered the competition, built empires and keep our clients at the forefront of their market’s attention.
And, they do it at a profit! 

But just looking at the ads isn’t enough. Knowing “why” they work is the secret.
I know, because…

That’s great news for you because I’m giving you permission to Steal Our Ads!
You’re not only going to get permission to steal our secrets to creating Facebook Ads that convert cold traffic at scale…
You’re also going to get the secrets to “why” they work—and how to copy the frameworks for yourself.
Best of all, you’re getting the short-cut secrets to save you hundreds of hours of trial and error and instead you’re getting what works on Facebook and Instagram now.
These ad templates—known as our The $100 Million Swipe File™—can easily be modeled by you. The hard work has already been done. The ad templates have already been tested… and, they’re currently employed in all our clients’ businesses.
So this isn’t some fake Facebook Goo-Roo stuff...
This is what’s working NOW!
Once you get these secrets, you won’t have to spend time “thinking up” new ads. The work’s already been done for you.
These ads work. They won’t get your account flagged. They’re the kinds of ads Facebook’s algorithm actually wants you to run.

Once you get your hands on these ads, you’ll have the keys to the kingdom.
These ads have literally launched empires!
Empires you’ve heard of… gurus you know of… and businesses many have tried to challenge, and end up getting their heads handed to them on a platter.
Why? Because the business that can spend MORE to acquire a customer wins.
How can you spend more? By having WINNING ads that bring customers in at a profit. These ad templates—that you can now ethically steal—continually, to this very day, bring customers in at a profit.
That means, anyone who uses these templates is going to…
Once you get your hands on these breakthrough Facebook and Instagram Ad Templates—The $100 Million Swipe File™, everything gets easy… and the money gets ridiculous.
It’ll all start once you discover these insider, short cuts like…
  • The secret to getting your prospect red-hot and bothered for your products without them even knowing they’re being pitched!
  • How to transfer your own, natural enthusiasm for your products into your prospect’s mind (this one secret will crush the competition!)
  • How to hook your prospects by the eyeballs, get them interested in your pitch and easily transition to the “Learn More” click…
  • The secret to addressing your prospect’s deepest disagreements with your offering without them even suspecting it—and persuade them to “drop their guard” and check out your offer… even if they “thought” they didn’t want it…
  • How to get immediate rapport and the desire of reciprocity from your prospect—they’ll actually think they’re doing you a favor when they purchase as a “thank you” for “teaching them!”
  • The 3-Step process to addressing your prospects biggest objections to purchase. This pro-level secret is one key to converting cold traffic at scale.
  • The single best method to selling physical products—the secret is in getting them mesmerized in your presentation.
  • How to stop a scroller dead in their tracks! This strategy gets them to pause, take notice and hook them into your marketing messages!
  • How to get a prospect immediately eating out of your hands—this rapport getting secret was used to build an 8-figure business!
  • A simple method to force your prospect to think you’re the only solution they have to the problem they want to solve…
  • One template that skyrocketed one coaching company from the low 7 figures to the low 8 figures in less than 9 months!
  • ​The early 1900’s secret to selling at the World Fair that proves you’re the one and only person with ability to solve your prospect’s deepest problems… and fulfill their desire!
  • ​How to mesmerize your prospect and future pace the success they desire to experience!
  • The “Eyes Wide Open” method to entice your prospect in your offer—this one secret has built multiple 8 and 9 figure empires!
  • How to overcome your prospects objections without citing studies or testimonials or other so-called proof elements that gets them hot and bothered and ready to buy!
  • The “Thank You” secret that makes your prospect grateful for even seeing your ads!
  • How to address the “Gold-Fish Attention Span” and still deliver an entire sales message!
  • A Step-by-step system to creating ads the get watched and effortlessly lead your prospects to watch your sales pitch!
  • Fool-proof templates guaranteed to get your prospects interested and ready to buy your offers…
  • How to address, disprove and reverse skepticism about your product offering all while having your prospect intrigued, interested and then motivated to buy your offer!
  • The single most important ad template you need to create to reverse skepticism about your offer!
  • How to lower the “Red Flag” and “BS Detector” of your prospect and get them red-hot for your offer!
  • The “blind selling secret” of the world’s greatest (and biggest) direct marketers!
…once you get these breakthrough ad templates—The $100 Million Swipe File™—you’re going to have the biggest damn smile on your face you’ve ever had.
You’ll be grinning like the Cheshire Cat because…

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. You get the ad templates we created for our clients.
They’re tried and true. They’ve been tested, and tested, and tested.
To this very day, they’re still being used. This isn’t some trick we figured out, used it to death to the point where it doesn’t work anymore, then packaged it up to sell to unsuspecting newbies.
Nope. That’s what fake Facebook Goo-Roo’s do.
What you’re about to get access to is an…
It’s really changed the way we manage Facebook ads, the way we think about Facebook ads, the way we create them, pretty much everything that we do…”

“They gave me a system to make advertising easy…

“There are just so many practical tips that I can implement right away…

“It’s been a very valuable resource to be able to help optimize our team, reduce your cost per acquisition, and have a more predictable funnel…

“It works, it works, it works…”
Here’s the kicker.
Right now, you’ll be able to get all these secrets at an amazingly low investment.
And, there’s no secret upsell path that’s going to piss you off.
That’s it.
That’s what we call in the business a no-brainer offer.
If that price doesn’t make you want to click the “Add To Cart” button now…
Maybe this isn’t for you.
We’re looking to make your life easier.
I’m not going to pressure you on this. This is such a no-brainer offer, I don’t have to. This is too good to pass up.
Ask around, my reputation, and Tier 11’s reputation is solid.
  • I speak from the stage at Traffic and Conversion.
  • We’ve run ads for all your favorite gurus.
We know what the heck we’re doing. We do it every day.
So trying to egg you on to get you to spend $7 is ridiculous.
Think about it.
What you’re about to get is…

Are you in?
Then “Add To Cart”
There is no better investment you can make in your own future…
If your future relies on converting cold traffic, at scale, on Facebook and Instagram.
Frankly, if you’re in business today, you have to have a presence on these two platforms. There are just too many eyeballs on these platforms to ignore.
I don’t care if you earmarked this money for date night. Cancel it. Because the little investment will bring that money back 10 to 100 to 1,000 fold!

I don’t care if you think you know it all—The $100 Million Swipe File™ will generate new, fresh ideas you can use today to ramp up ad-spend even more!

 I don’t care if you’re getting your lunch money stolen by the big bully in your market. Getting The $100 Million Swipe File™ will give you the strength and courage to beat the bully up… and take his place at the top in your market!
That’s it. If you need more “talking to” about this no-brainer offer, I’m out of breathe. There’s nothing else for you to read, or hear, or “think about.”
If you need more, I don’t want you to buy this product. This isn’t for you. Your skepticism will prevent you from getting a return.
What’s funny is, the “smartest” people are the hardest to lead to success. They think they know.
And in their “thinking”… they hesitate. Hesitation is the death of good marketing.
If you’re not happy—for any reason, or no reason at all—just contact us in the next 90 days and we’ll send you a prompt refund. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

If you implement just one of the ad templates the way I show you, you’ll be driving traffic to your offers in no time. Just give it a try. That’s fair isn’t it?
I literally use the stuff they teach in that for my agency and Grant Cardone Advertising to help our clients.”
“You helped my business grow so much because you guys allow me to know what’s working now, letting me do a better job for the people I run FB ads for.”
“You’ve helped me specially with the FB Ad Amplifier™ to get results for my clients above 10x ROAS with Cold traffic.”
"We've been able to shift all our lead gen, to inbound primarily through FB ads. We have a more predictable funnel and have increased our lead gen."
“The overall knowledge we’ve received has given our company so much more confident with our existing clients and their campaigns, but also in how we pursue new business.”
“Have helped us transition into the new ways of the FB algorithm.”
“We spent US$10,000 and had a return on ad spend of US$130,000 with a high ticket offer… all thanks to Ralph advice.”
“It helped me structure an A-player team and scale companies faster using the tools that they teach you with Facebook ads.”
“By using this framework it has allowed me to systemized the way I set up ads for my e-commerce clients and has also helped in generating better results for them. The system really works.”
“They go through the whole customer journey with a long well-thought out marketing plan that will last long time and not just a short turn fix.”
“I can find FB ad examples that are relevant to me at the moment to use in my business.”
“I was having difficulties around a campaign for a particular client, and this gave me really good ideas of things to tweak and what we needed to change.
It helped me a lot when I was getting into Facebook advertising… always up to date.”
“It has been a fantastic resource in terms of media buying. They really get granular in terms of how to run media campaigns and why.
“It has given me access to the knowledge I need to really perform well for my clients and for my agency.”
It has allowed me to be more confident when I go and present this idea and strategy back to my clients.”
I’ve been using these strategies for a lot of clients of mine and they have been very helpful to me.”
“These tips on setting up Facebook ad campaigns and to really structure campaigns and the ad account really helped. It’s given me a better understanding of how to run successful Facebook ads.
“Has given me a lot of guidance on how to create FB ads and has helped a lot to understand how these tools can be implemented regardless of the industry.
“I can stay on top of the trends that are happening and what’s working... The 8 video ad templates give me a lot of choice to try for my own ads and for my clients.
“It has shifted my mindset in the way I approach campaigns.”
“The advice on target customer avatar and doing that research in regards to Facebook’s has helped me scale my business, getting regular leads and sales in my business.
“It’s been a huge help for my business. Saved me a lot of time in the backend and also helped my clients getting new leads and to also save money on their advertising costs.
“Helped me how to really identify my avatar and how to craft messaging and advertising to go after that avatar in the most persuasive way possible.
“I’ve been using this same process for quite some time, having all put together in such a systematic way.
“Helps me keep up with the latest Facebook strategies and changes. The Ad Amplifier has helped me teach my clients that there is no way they can achieve their goals by only putting out one ad and expect big results.”
“Has helped me and my team to stretch and grow a little bit from a digital perspective.”
Has helped us keep ahead, understand Facebook, but also communicate to our clients what’s actually occurring and how to grow their businesses.”
“…We’ve used the Ad Amplifier for our real estate clients here in Mexico.”
Immediately changed our process of how we create ads and creatives. That process gives you an exponencial growth on the creative side.”
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